Show-case 1: Construction

In about 1300  the castle Eisenberg was built by Peter von Hohenegg as his residence and for administrating the dominion of Eisenberg. Until its final demolition in 1646 the castle was changed more than once.

- Bricks of different size date from different periods of the construction. On two fragments a tiler and a dog have left their footprints.

- The windows were made of bull’s eye panes; bars protected them in case of strong winds.


- The roofs of the castle were covered by over- and undertiles.



- Fragments of mortar found in the chapel proved that its walls were plastered and painted. 


- A charred lintel recalls the burning of the castle during the Peasants‘ War in 1525. 



- In a forehammer the arms of the Freyberg family are emblazoned.


- Nails are handmade; the thread of screws had to be forged by hand as well.