Show-case 11: Civilization

In this vitrine, all those findings have been gathered, bearing evidence of life habits and fashion of the castle residents in Renaissance time.

- Wharl

When spinning wheels had not yet been invented, filaments were twisted by a spindle, and the wharl served as a fly wheel. (The wooden stick serves for illustration.)

- Seal

This lead seal is a rarity. Sacks with merchandises were sealed; these lead seals were affixed to sacks containing commercial goods.


- Bracelet

This bracelet plaited with copper wire belonged to a lady wearing it on her wrist and  fastening a small purse there.

- Jew’s Harp

A Jew´s harp is a musical instrument from 14th  / 15th century. The roudn part, a lyre-shaped frame, is put on the teeth and a metal tongue struck with the fingers. So sounds are produced and intensified by the ventricle of the mouth. (The new sample serves for illustration.)


- Playing disks

The two objects might have been employed for playing belonging to a not identified game.

- Cock made from clay

This small figure probably served as a toy. Its tail feathers are broken off.

- Coins

In the castle and within its precincts 14 coins were found. The oldest one dates of the period before 1300, a silver bracteate of the time of Ludwig II of Bavaria, 1255 – 1294. The newer coins can be dated to about 1600.