Show-case 3: Renaissance I

In 1533/35, the brothers Eberhard and Werner Volker von Freyberg-Eisenberg carried out some important construction works. According to fashion in architecture prevailing at that time, a round tower with staircase was added in the centre of the castle.



- Glazed tile stove vaulted in the middle  

This stove stood on the 1st floor of the east wing of the residency, consisting of at least 48 tiles. Its surface was subdivided by semicircular band ledges.


- Glazed stove tiles: „brown/green“ 

These tiles belonged to a stove of c.85 cm height and round like a tower in the bathroom on the top floor. During the Peasant’s War this stove was partially demolished.  However, a greater part of it was still used until 1632.