Show-case 4: Renaissance II


In this show-case all tiles can be attributed to a glazed tile stove on the 2nd floor of the east wing of the residence. From the numerous faience tiles bevelled at the corners follows an octogonal stove.  The different colours of the glazed tiles used in the production show its magnificence.


- Tiles with relief: „Portrait of a nobleman“ 

Image of a knight with blond hair falling down to his shoulders wearing a pleated doublet - perhaps a portrait of Eberhard or Werner Volker von Freyberg.

- Tile with relief:  „Portrait of a lady“ 

Representation of a noble woman dressed in typical Renaissance dress - hair covered by a bonnet, high-necked shirt under an out-cut dress, trimmed with wide border, and with long puffy sleeves. This tile was demolished before the fire of 1646.